Coffee Package Machines

Coffee Package Machines

AF-B Box Packaging Machine

This is a custom-build machine according to your requirement.

  • Different sizes (cannot be too many differences)boxes in one machine.
  • Can pack different quantities capsules in one box.
  • Easy to adjust and maintain.
  • Hot melt glue system and box folding system can be choose.
Filling sealing machine

AF-FFS Bag Forming

Very stable system, allowing manufacturers to pack almost anything into a variety of bag styles.

  • Servo motor controlled film unwind with film tension control.
  • GMP construction.
  • Easy changeover for different widths of pouch.
  • Reliable working without careful maintain.
Filling sealing machine

AF-FS Pouch Machine

Use ready-made pouches with/without zippers.

  • High quality and stable working.
  • Can connect with any machines.
  • Global top brands electrical and pneumatic components.
  • Can fill capsules in pouch, also can fill powders, granules, beans with this machine.

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Filling sealing machine

AF-TF Tin Machine

Widely applications, not only for coffee packaging, also can pack soluble powders, milk powders, seeds, coco powders, etc.

  • High efficient working.
  • Can use different sizes (in a certain range) of tins.
  • Easy to changeover other filling modules.
  • Reliable working without careful maintain.

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