As an espresso or coffee lover, maybe you know the convenience to own a single-serve coffee capsule machine such as a Nespresso machine. You just need to pop in a pod with a nespresso coffee capsule machine, then you’re on your way to taste a delicious and fresh cup of espresso without waiting in line at Starbucks. Although owing a Nespresso coffee capsule machine is sweet, there are some shortcomings. All of these Nespresso coffee capsules will add up and causes plenty of waste, and nespresso coffee pods cost a lot.

Fortunately, it’s practicable for you to recycle or even reuse nespresso coffee pods. With its own recycling program, the company facilitates the recycling of used products for customers. After receiving the recycled nespresso coffee pods, they separate aluminum from coffee grind. The grind is used to create topsoil or compost, while the aluminum is applied for creating new products.

Also, there are lots of reusable coffee pods on the internet. Reusable coffee Pods made from sturdy plastic or metal can be opened, filled by ground coffee, and closed securely. If you intend to replace nespresso coffee capsule, it is surely a way to follow. However, the actual, Nespresso coffee capsule or reusable coffee pods, which is better? Here is more information.



1.Single-cup Coffee

When using nespresso coffee pods, you don’t need to break the seal of a larger coffee pack at a time. The capsule is both vacuum-sealed and air-tight. Until brewing time, coffee inside the nespresso coffee capsule won’t contact with air at all and is kept fresh.

It in turn means that every and each cup of coffee you enjoy is every bit as delicious and fresh as the next.

2. Precise Ingredient

With the precise blend of ingredient for making a perfect cup of coffee, nepresso capsule not only guarantees minimum waste but also consistently delicious coffee. You won’t find yourself using too little or too much of the stuff, for everything is already ready to use and precisely measured.

3.Endless Variety

Nespresso coffee pods don’t have too many choices when it first arrived. However, thing has wildly shifted in an opposite direction these days. Along with about every imaginable type of coffee, now it is possible to pick up Nespresso coffee capsule from an increasingly number of suppliers and manufacturers.  No matter what kind of coffee you want, it allows you to find the perfect nespresso coffee capsule to suit.

4.Pure Simplicity

Although there are various means and ways to produce an incredible cup of coffee, most of them have a tendency to be complicated or messy. They are at least more complicated compared with using a Nespresso coffee capsule simply. You can get outstanding coffee in few minutes almost without mess to clean on the other side!


Last but not least, nespresso coffee capsule is great for discovering new thing and experimenting with different kinds of coffee. One of the best ways to do so is to invest in a selection box which contains a variety of types of coffee for you to try out. The very nature of nespresso coffee capsule makes it ideal and outstanding gift for coffee-lover!

How to Recycle Nespresso Coffee Capsule?

Recycling Nespresso coffee capsule requires customers little effort, and it’s nothing too taxing. Customers neither need to empty coffee grinds, nor have to rinse them out. Making recycling nespresso coffee pods a part of your routine is what you simply have to do.

You can order a recycling bag for free on the Nespresso websites, and have it directly shipped to your home. Nespresso also sends a recycling bag for free with orders made on its website. Every bag is able to hold as many as 100 of Vertuo Line pods or 200 of original line pods.

After filling recycling bag, you can drop off it at the nearest waste collection center, nespresso boutique, or partner store. As Nepresso reports, with over 120,000 collection points globally, 90% of their customers own a recycling solution near to their residence. You can find a local collection point by checking out the Nespreeso webstie.

Also, postman dropping off your next  Nespresso order can help you drop off the bags, or bring it to the nearest UPS store.

Note that a special bag is unnecessary for dropping off Nespresso coffee capsule, just mail them in. You can drop off at a recycling point with the method convenient for you.

Other recycling options

Note that you don’t have to only rely on Nespresso to recycle. Nespresso has been cooperating with cities such as New York to equip recycling centers for handling Nespresso coffee capsule. In these cases, you just need to put Nespresso coffee capsules in recycling bin with all other recyclable materials and make your city sort it out.

How to Reuse Nespresso Coffee Capsule?

You can reuse Nespresso coffee capsule to save a few bucks. Some customers use Nespresso pods twice. The second cup maybe taste slightly weaker or be a little more watered-down than the first one, but it reduces waste for customers otherwise throwing Nespresso coffee capsule away and saves money. Actually Other users clean, refill, and reseal Nespresso coffee capsules.

7 Steps to Reuse Nespreeso Capsule

Step 1: Use a sharp small knife to cut out the aluminium cover on the used capsule. It doesn’t have to be done so accurately.

Step 2:Throw nespresso coffee capsule away or compost the used coffee. Some customers use it as fertilizer for plants around our houses.

Step 3: Wash Nespresso coffee pods only with water and let it dry.

Step 4:Fill ground coffee into Nespresso coffee capsule up to the rim. Don’t press the coffee, otherwise, the capsule may clog the nespresso coffee machine. Two teaspoons of coffee should suffice.

Step 5: Put aluminium foil over the aperture to completely cover it .

Step 6: Cut aluminium foil in a circular motion until it’s around the capsule.

Step 7:Tuck aluminium foil under capsule’s border to keep it from falling down and keep the coffee inside fresh. Only use the strict quantity to make the aluminium foil firm, otherwise the nespresso coffee capsule machine may have issues.

It can work most of time, but sometimes can’t for machine is a little fickle if it works compatible Nespresso coffee capsules and even with reused original one. There has been more than one occurance that the used Nespresso coffee capsule isn’t punched or is crushed instead of punched, making a weak cup of coffee.Try different kinds of aluminium foil, and maybe some work better than others. But Some may easily fall making your nespresso coffee capsule machine full of ground coffee.

How Many Times Can You Reuse a Nespresso Capsule?

Very few. We once reached the fifth time with a nepresso capsule but the coffee taste bad, with lots of holes from previous brews accumulated on the capsule. The coffee was seriously under-extracted because the brewing was too vigorous causing lots of water to pass quickly through coffee. Not recommended.

The right amount of reuses probably is 2-3, decided by how particular you are about the flavor of coffee. If you want to enjoy a perfect cup of coffee every time, it is unadvisable to reuse Nespresso capsule for it can’t guarantee the brewing to be even and regular with new Nespresso coffee capsule.

Also, you need to brew it only after packing the capsule, otherwise the coffee will begin to lose flavor once exposed to air. Coffee lovers may as well choose reusable capsules or use the single serve cup of coffee.



✔ Reusable coffee pods are more budget-friendly -without a doubt reusing saves your money
✔ Reusable coffee pods allow you to brew your favorite coffee beans comfortably in your home.
✔ Reusable coffee pods are earth-friendly, contributing to divert numerous plastic, single-use nespresso coffee capsules from landfills.

These above are advantages. The disadvantage is that it requires experimentation to make your morning cuppa down pat. Some DIY coffee pods take some work to make your brew perfect, decided by what brand you go for.

How Do Reusable Nespsresso Coffee Pods Work?

Because reusable coffee pods of different brands differentiate in size, you need to choose a reusable nespresso pod compatible with your reusable coffee pod machine according to the list of each company. Despite every reusable coffee pod system slightly varies, the basic concept is the same. To use, simply:

Step 1:Fill the base of reusable nespresso coffee capsule with your favorite ground coffee (fair trade, organic, or even decaf).
Step 2:Put the lid on the refillable pod top (most use either aluminium, stainless steel, or silicone lid).
Step 3: Pop the capsule in normal way into your reusable coffee pod machine, and brew a shot.
Step 4:Rinse, repeat, and enjoy it!

How Many Times Can A Reusable Coffee Pod Be Used?

The longevity of a reusable coffe pod depends on the system you choose. Every premium stainless steel base of capsules should outlive your appliance technically, to maximize your savings and environmental impact. All reusable coffee pods can be used over 100 times.



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