Tea bag packaging machine

The tea bag packaging machine is suitable for the automatic packaging of seeds, medicines, health products, tea, and other commodities. Therefore, the tea bag packaging machine can pack the inner bag and the outer bag simultaneously. And it can automatically complete the production of tea bags, calculate the filling weight, fill, seal, cut, and count. The packaging machine has the functions of moisture-proof, volatilization-proof, and fresh-keeping. Therefore, the packaging range of the tea bag packaging machine is extensive. Tea bag packaging machines or tea bag machine have gradually replaced manual tea packaging. At the same time, the packaging machine realizes the packaging automation of large and medium-sized enterprises. So it improves the production efficiency of all walks of life and dramatically reduces the production cost.

Tea bag packing machine
tea bag packing machine

Advantages of tea bag packaging machine:


The traditional tea packaging operation process is: tea farmers and tea merchants buy tea, and then workers screen the tea (one person can pick about one to two ib an hour). The tea leaves selected by the workers for the first time need to roast and dry again. The time required for the above process is about 1 hour. One worker can produce about two caddies of tea in an hour. After completing the above steps, we use an auxiliary packaging machine or tea bag machine to separate and weigh the tea leaves.

Then put the weighed tea leaves on the vacuum machine. This is the process of traditional tea packaging. The traditional tea packaging process is time-consuming and labor-intensive. Compared with conventional tea packaging, the efficiency of the tea bag packaging machine is much higher. After placing the tea on the device, it will automatically sort without manual sorting. The tea bag packaging machine automatically puts the tea into the packaging bag. The tea packaging bag machine or tea bag machine will also automatically seal the packaging. The whole process is immaculate and only takes six minutes. The tea bag packaging machine dramatically improves the efficiency of production.

cut costs:

Because traditional inner and outer tea bag packing machine operations involve labor costs and additional machinery costs, therefore, compared with conventional tea packaging, the workload of the automatic tea bag packaging machine is nine times that of manual labor. In other words, with the same efficiency every day, traditional tea packaging needs to pay 9 times more wages.

Have health protection:

Nowadays, people’s living standards are improving year by year. Food hygiene is slowly being paid attention to by the public, so food hygiene has become the first issue people pay attention to when buying food. The traditional manual packaging of tea is slower, and the tea stays in the air for a longer time. Therefore, to prevent the deterioration of the tea leaves,  must roast them again before putting them in the packaging.

If the tea leaves are not vacuumed for a long time, a certain amount of bacteria will grow. Moreover, when the traditional manual tea packaging is used, the person’s hand directly touches the tea when the tea is selected, sweating during long hours of work, or other factors may also cause specific hygiene problems. But The tea bag packaging machine or tea bag machine is all done on an aseptic machine, from sorting tea to automatic packaging.

All tea bag filling and sealing machine need to be cleaned regularly. The tea bag packaging machine is powered by vacuum pressure and has an entire air drying system. This operation allows the tea leaves to be placed entirely in a dry screening environment. The machine’s fast screening of tea leaves can reduce the retention time of tea leaves. The fully automatic machine operation avoids excessive manual contact and reduces the growth of bacteria.

The tea bag filling and sealing machine process of the fully automatic inner and outer bag integrated tea bag packaging machine is all realized by mechanical automation. The employee pours loose tea leaves into the machine. The device automatically produces packaged tea leaves. The tea bag packaging machine can altogether avoid manual contact, and at the same time, can prevent human touch to a certain extent, which may lead to the growth of bacteria.

The working principle of tea bag packaging machine

  • Arrange the packing bags of goods evenly on the sealing strip and place them under the pressure bag strip.
  • Close a vacuum chamber and apply a little pressure. The entire packaging process from the vacuum, sealing, printing, and air return is controlled by an automatic electrical program to complete at one time.
  • While working in one vacuum chamber, the other vacuum chamber can place objects. After one vacuum chamber returns to zero, the upper vacuum chamber can move to another vacuum chamber to make the left and right chambers work alternately.
  • During the working process, if an abnormal phenomenon is found, press the emergency stop button, and the tea bag packaging machine will work again after adjustment.
  • When the work is suspended, the switch with a lock in the “off” position. When you stop using it, cut off the power supply and do an excellent cleaning job.

Common faults and maintenance

What are the common failures of tea packing machine opportunities, or how to repair them? I think this is also a matter of concern to many people. I will briefly talk about how to solve the problem.

1. Low vacuum

Reasons for the failure: 1. The pump oil is contaminated, too little, or diluted 2. The pumping time is too short 3. There is a problem with the pumping filter

Treatment method: clean the vacuum pump of the tea bag packaging machine. Regularly replace the vacuum pump oil; clean or replace the exhaust filter.

2. Loud noise

Causes of failure: 1.There is a problem with the coupling of the vacuum pump  2. The exhaust filter is blocked, or the installation position is incorrect

Treatment method: 1. Replace the vacuum pump of the tea bag packaging machine 2. Clean or change the exhaust filter and install it correctly 3. Check whether the solenoid valve leaks and eliminate it

3. Vacuum pump injection

Causes of failure: 1. The suction valve dropped 2. There is a problem with the rotating blades of the machine

Treatment method: unplug the vacuum tube on the pump nozzle, remove the suction port, gently stretch the O-ring several times, re-insert it into the groove, and then install it; change the rotary vane

4. The vacuum pump leaks oil

Causes of failure: 1. There is a problem with the oil return valve  2. The oil window is loose

Treatment method: remove the oil return valve for cleaning

5. No heating

Causes of failure: 1. There is a problem with the heating bar. 2. There is a problem with the heating wire and the heating transformer.

Treatment method: 1. Replace the heater and replace the heating wire, and install it firmly

6. Blister bags

Tea packing machine failure reason: There is a problem with the pressure valve. The pressure gas path is not smooth at the same time. Solution: replace or clean the pressure valve.Straighten out the pressure path.