How to Operate Nespresso Capsule Filler

Nespresso coffee machine provides a convenient and quick way to have a cup of morning coffee. At this time, you need to buy Nespresso capsules. Nespresso coffee machines use these coffee capsules to make steaming espresso or whole cups of coffee. But do you know how to operate the Nespresso capsule filler? There are three main ways of filling Nespresso capsules. One is manual filling, and the other is using a Nespresso capsule filling machine. Next, I will explain to you the operation process of these three Nespresso capsule fillers in detail.

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1.Manual operation of Nespresso capsule filler

The process of manual operation of Nespresso capsule filler:

We need to prepare perforated plates, capsules, coffee powder, scrapers, and presses. When the essential equipment is ready, we can start filling the Nespresso capsule filler. The main method of early drug production was to fill the capsules manually. The primary function is to fill hollow capsules with drugs, equipped with different molds, and supply various pills. Later, with the continuous development of science and technology, adopt an open design with convenient and strong applicability. And it gradually invested in the production of Nespresso capsules such as coffee and milk.

The first step we do is to put an empty Nespresso capsule into a plastic plate with holes. After fixing the Nespresso capsule. Pour whole coffee powder and scrape off the excess coffee powder with a scraper.

The second step is to use a particular pressing device to press the coffee powder inside the capsule compactly. At the same time, all Nespresso capsules are packed again. We put a sealing paper on each capsule to ensure that the coffee powder inside will not leak out in the Nespresso capsule.

The third step is to take the Nespresso capsule out of the perforated plastic plate. This is the entire process of manually filling Nespresso capsule filler.

2.Semi-automatic machine operation of Nespresso capsule filler

The working principle of semi-automatic capsule filling machine:

The Nespresso capsules loaded on the machine are released by the capsule machine. The Nespresso capsule falls on the capsule comb. The action of the pushed capsule plate advances to the position of the filler. The engine makes the hollow Nespresso capsule, with the body facing down and the cap facing up. Afterward, the Nespresso capsule is under the action of the negative pressure airflow of the vacuum pump. EThe filler enters the Nespresso capsule mold. The Nespresso capsule is adsorbed on the top of the machine by the negative pressure airflow.

At this time, we need to separate the upper and lower mold plates manually. The lower mold plate stays in the turntable to hold the filler. This completes the filling, pressing, and sealing of the hollow Nespresso capsule filler. There is a screw press on the capsule machine. It runs under the drive of a variable-frequency speed-regulating motor to force the filling agent into the empty capsule.

Similarly, the frequency conversion speed motor drives the turntable to run, and the turntable drives the mold to run. When the filling agent start button is pressed, the Nespresso capsule filling agent will automatically flow out from above. The capsule runs underneath for a week, and the filler is filled into the hollow capsule under the pressure of the screw pressing head. When the mold plate has rotated once, it will automatically stop spinning so that the filler will enter the Nespresso capsule. Finally, complete the sealing. In this way, we have made a brand new Nespresso capsule.

There is also a mode of operation of the semi-automatic Nespresso capsule filling machine.

It uses a scraper to smooth the coffee powder and then align the upper and lower molds with merging. The capsule cap is pushed to the capsule body to lock the capsule through the up and down pressure. When the machine is pressed tightly and then released, the cylinder piston retracts. We push the mold by hand to reset the thimble. The machine ejects the filled Nespresso capsules and then slides them into the container containing the pills. Such a complete Nespresso capsule is completed.

3.Fully automatic machine operation of Nespresso capsule filler

Fully automatic capsule filling machine

The automatic capsule filling machine is mainly composed of a machine base and an electric control system, a liquid crystal interface, a filling device, a capsule pressing device, and a capsule exporting device.

Working principle of automatic capsule filling machine

The hollow capsules installed in the machine enter the capsule machine one by one with the operation of the device. The tablet does turn around by the action of the capsule guide groove and the shift fork. Each time the machine moves, it releases a row of capsules into the module hole. And make the capsule body on the bottom and the capsule cap on the top. The gap of the machine rotates so that the capsule is output to various places in the turntable module. The vacuum separation system separates the cap body while sliding the tablet into the module hole.

With the operation of the machine, the lower module extends outwards and is staggered from the upper module. This is conducive to filling materials. The coffee powder enters the Nespresso capsule from a stainless steel hopper. The filling rod pushes the compacted coffee powder into the tablet. Adjusting the height of each group of filling rods can change the amount of coffee powder. The lower module of the machine is retracted and merged with the upper module. Then the filled capsule is fastened and locked by the action of the push rod. At this time, the conveyor belt pushes out and collects the fastened finished Nespresso capsules. The vacuum cleaner cleans the module holes and then enters the next cycle.

Features of automatic capsule filling machine

The fully automatic Nespresso capsule filling machine is a new type of equipment developed in recent years. The primary function is to put filler into the hollow capsule and equip different specifications of molds at the same time. The capsule machine can automatically complete filling, pressing, sealing, pushing out, and other actions simultaneously. The device is fully enclosed in design, which meets GMP requirements. At the same time, it has the characteristics of novel structure, accurate dosage, high production efficiency, safety, and environmental protection. It uses widely in the filling of Nespresso capsules.


  1. The standard operating procedures of capsule filling equipment install each component in turn. Connect the capsule machine to the power source. We debug the device and confirm that the machine is in average condition.
  2. The machine is running dry, and after confirming that there is no abnormality, add the hollow Nespresso capsule into the bag. Add coffee powder or liquid to the hopper to start filling. Adjust the volume, weigh the volume, calculate the volume difference, and check whether the appearance, fit and lock meet the requirements. It does confirm that it meets the needs and is approved by the staff.
  3. After the trial filling is qualified, the machine enters the standard packing. We need to check whether the appearance, lock, and weight difference of the Nespresso capsule meet the requirements during the filling process. If there is a problem, we can make adjustments at any time

Summing up

Operation precautions:

  1. Turn on the main switch of the power supply and check whether the machine is running and the display is standard. We can enter regular operations after checking that there are no abnormal phenomena. Turn on the vacuum pump and the air compressor to check whether the air pressure is normal. If there is an abnormality, it can adjust by adjusting the negative pressure of the bag spreader or the vacuum pump until the machine is typical.
  2. Carry out the formal filing and timely replenish fillers and hollow capsules. Check whether the weight and appearance of the tablet meet the requirements at any time, and we have to adjust it at any time. At the same time, when the filling machine is running, pay attention to whether the device is standard, and do not turn on and leave the job.
  3. After completion, turn off the main engine power supply, vacuum pump, air compressor, and general power supply. We also need to clean and maintain the equipment.

What should we pay attention to before starting?

  1. We must check to ensure that all components are complete and reliable and whether the circuit system is safe and intact. Check the lubrication condition of each lubrication point and whether each part runs smoothly.
  2. Check whether the screws are tightened. If they are loose, we should pull them in time. We also need to check whether the upper and lower molds move flexibly and smoothly and cooperate reasonably.
  3. When the machine is running, your hands should not be close to any part of the machine in motion to prevent personal injury caused by inertia. And when installing or replacing parts, turn off the main power supply to avoid danger.
  4. The operator shall not leave when the machine is running and always check the operation of the equipment. If the device is abnormal, it will shut down immediately and should eliminate the fault. Strictly implement the operating procedures of the capsule filling machine, and deal with the problems in time.

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