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Coffee is now an essential drink in life. More and more varieties of coffee are produced. Whether it is freshly ground or espresso coffee, these problems have been solved with the advent of coffee packaging machines. In addition to being convenient, the coffee packaging machine can maintain the consistency of coffee at any time. And most modern coffee packaging machines are not limited by multiple bag styles and sizes. It is flexible and easy to adjust. Filling weight is no longer an annoyance for automatic packaging machines. The coffee packaging machine can run with high precision. Your production speed will increase. If you suddenly receive a large number of orders, there is no problem expanding the scale of production. Next, I will give you a comprehensive description of the common sense of the coffee packaging machine.
Coffee Packaging Machine
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Five types of coffee packaging machines.

A. AF-TF Coffee Tins Can Filling Sealing Machine

Brief Introduce:

The latest technology of this coffee packaging machine can measure the filled coffee powder and weight. In this way, there is no need to measure the filling weight before serving manually. Just put the filled powder or granules into the funnel. In this way, the coffee packaging machine will automatically calculate the weight and put them into the packaging bag automatically. Another advantage of this machine is its low cost and high efficiency, which can fully meet your production line requirements.
The material of this machine is food-grade stainless steel, which is very strong and durable. Parts with a high frequency of use can be disassembled, which is very convenient for cleaning. Therefore, this coffee packaging machine is more suitable for products with fluidity or low fluidity, such as milk, protein powder, coffee, etc. The overall appearance of the coffee packaging machine is beautiful.


The coffee packaging machine is an automatic feeding system, which is convenient and hygienic. And the whole machine is made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean without tools. The coffee packaging machine uses a motor-driven filling screw, and the entire filling process is fast and stable. There will be no leakage or overflow of the packaging bag during the filling process. This coffee packaging machine can adjust the inlet size at the filling point to fill even ultra-fine products. The coffee packaging machine supports vacuum sealing and nitrogen flushing.

B. AF-B Box filling & sealing packaging machine

Brief Introduce:

This coffee capsule packaging machine is suitable for filling and sealing Nespresso coffee capsules. It can use the machine’s sensor to sense the position of the tablet or cup automatically. Then it is automatically filled with powder or granules. The entire filling and sealing process is automatically completed by the machine, saving time and labor.
This coffee capsule packaging machine can open the box or fold the box by itself and then put the produced capsules into the box. This saves many costs. After the coffee capsule packaging machine is produced, but the products on the conveyor belt. The machine adopts a specially designed conveying system, and the whole process is extremely stable. There is no need to worry about the placement of the capsules after the production is completed.


This machine can not only produce plastic coffee capsules, but it can also produce aluminum Nespresso capsules. The coffee capsule machine can automatically sort and fill and then output the completed pills. It can also print the production date, ingredient list, etc., on the capsule. This type of coffee capsule machine accepts customization, and the appropriate machine specifications can customize according to the customer’s product conditions.
The produced capsules are automatically sorted by the machine when all production does complete. The coffee capsule machine automatically senses and automatically stops output if there is no capsule. All originals can produce by well-known brands in the United States, Germany, and other countries. Therefore, the structure of the coffee machine is sturdy and has a very long life. The coffee capsule packaging machine can operate by a touch screen and automatically remind you if there is a wrong input.

C. Nespresso capsule filling & sealing machines

Brief Introduce:

This is one of the best-selling coffee packaging machines in the North American market. This coffee packaging machine uses a vertical empty capsule storage system. This is currently the most advanced packaging machine system, saving a lot of time and labor. Its production speed is also breakneck. Although it has only one production line, its circulation speed is breakneck. So it can fully meet the requirements of the production line.
This machine uses a motor-driven, maintenance-free design. So its design concept is very advanced. This is a fully automatic sealed coffee packaging machine with a small volume and a small footprint. Not only can it seal Nespresso capsules or packaging bags, but it can also seal desserts, dry soups, and other items.


Fast production speed and high accuracy are the most significant advantages of this coffee packaging machine. After the production is completed, there is still storage space, which saves labor costs. The intelligent system of the coffee packaging machine can sense the capsule. Therefore, it will automatically remind you of various problems, such as the capsule’s position or the temperature of the coffee during the filling process. If it is severe, it will stop working and will automatically remind you. If it has a more serious failure, it will stop working. The cleaning process of the coffee packaging machine is straightforward and can complete entire process in only five minutes.

This machine has a tiny footprint and is suitable for placement anywhere. And the entire production process is transparent, and the production staff can see the production process. It can also calculate the weight separately according to the taste of the coffee, and the whole system is very flexible. Can use this coffee packaging machine for both bags and boxes. So it has a wide range of applications. And if the packaging box needs to be trimmed, the coffee packaging machine will automatically recognize and complete the trimming.

Advantages of using coffee capsule packaging machine

A.Simple to operate

Its simple operation is the common advantage of all coffee packaging machines. Because most of them are fully automatic coffee packaging machines, there is no need for manual operations. We only need to put coffee powder or coffee granules into the container of the coffee packaging machine. The coffee packaging machine automatically completes all subsequent operations.

B.Simple to maintain:

The maintenance of the coffee packaging machine is straightforward and low in cost. After our daily use, we only need to spend time cleaning it, and then we can complete the maintenance of the coffee packaging machine. Its parts are all imported by well-known merchants during use, so it has a long service life. Therefore, the care of the coffee packaging machine is straightforward and convenient without external force or deliberate damage.

C.High productivity

The production efficiency of the coffee packaging machine is very high, and the speed is fast. This saves time and workforce in the production process. And in the production process, we can also adjust the sealing size of the coffee packaging machine to use for sealing other products. So it has a wide range of uses.

Precautions for using the coffee packaging machine

After purchasing the coffee machine, I believe you will want to know about its use. The operation of different coffee packaging machines is other during use. Moreover, as a factory machine, the coffee packaging machine is vital in terms of safety in use. Although the coffee packaging machine is brilliant now, the sensor will sense the current state by itself.
Therefore, it is best to cut off the power immediately after use. When using coffee packaging, you need to add fillings to the water tank of the coffee machine, and the automatic coffee packaging machine directly fills the capsules. A good coffee packaging machine is not cheap, so the cleaning and maintenance methods of the coffee packaging machine are essential.

After-use maintenance of the coffee packaging machine

The working environment of the coffee packaging machine is best to be clean and dry. An excessively humid climate is not conducive to the maintenance of the coffee packaging machine. And after we use the coffee packaging machine, we must clean it in time. This is convenient for subsequent use and can achieve the effect of extending the life of the coffee packaging machine.

The hidden function of the coffee packaging machine

Convenience is a factor that must be considered when choosing a packaging method, especially in modern, fast-moving society. Consumers value time, so convenient packaging has become a hot topic in the coffee market. So we must understand clearly what additional functions the coffee packaging machine has.


Some packaged coffee machines can be equipped with zippers. This means that consumers can reuse the product after opening it. This way, we don’t need to worry about storing the coffee bag when it is opened. In addition, we don’t have to worry about installing zippers on coffee packaging because the coffee packaging machine comes with a zipper function.


Clear labels are printed on coffee packaging. Use precise language to visually display the date, origin, eating method, and detailed information about the coffee. The coffee produced in this way meets the requirements of food safety. In addition, and more importantly, the coffee packaging machine can automatically print relevant labels. As a result, there is no need for us to perform secondary processing after the coffee is produced, saving labor.


The packaging size of the coffee. Modern consumers are less loyal to the brand than ever before. They want to buy smaller, trial-sized coffee pods because they are easier to carry. Therefore, the current automatic coffee packaging machine can adjust the size of the packaging.

The price of the coffee packaging machine

The price of coffee packaging machines varies significantly because there are many types of coffee machines. The following briefly introduces the approximate costs of different kinds of coffee machines.
Automatic coffee packaging machine
US $ 3000-5000 US $ 8000-12000 US $ 21000-47000
Semi-automatic coffee packaging machine
US $ 10000-15000 US $ 7900-8050 US $ 10000-13000

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