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Our company specializes in the production of can sealing machine. AFPAK is the world’s leading manufacturer of filling machines. It Has many years of production experience and a professional R & D team. The company focuses on technological innovation, and the technology of all sealing machines is leading the world average.

What is a can sealing machine?

Can sealing machine is a device that can seal product packaging. The can sealing machine is made of stainless steel. It is suitable for locking and trimming. It includes powder, filled with containers of different specifications. At the same time, it can also configure different filling types.

The container filled with a product is placed on the tin sealing machine. The product should not move and maintain the product’s quality to avoid dumping and losing the effect. In this way, damage to the packaging and sealing failure are avoided. The whole process of packaging and sealing is aseptic. Finally, the automatic tin can sealing machine automatically completes all the above processes.

The canned food industry is an emerging industry. It affects people’s daily life. The tin sealing machine changes the limitations of manual sealing. Now the industry is developing rapidly. With the development of the times, the types and quantities of canned food are increasing. Manual sealing technology is gradually eliminated as people’s demand for products increases. The increase in commodity production has promoted the development of tin sealing machines.

Suppose you are looking for a automatic can sealing machine. Next, I will take you an in-depth understanding of the function of the sealing device. Help you choose the best automatic tin sealing machine for you. To help you understand the different components, applications, and design of the automatic tin can sealing machine are essential.

The composition of the automatic can sealing machine.

The composition of the automatic can sealing machine. Usually, the automatic can sealing machine is composed of a frame, a reduction and speed regulation transmission mechanism, a sealing and printing mechanism, a conveying device, and an electrical and electronic control system.

Please turn on the power before use. After turning on the power, the can sealing machine starts to work. Next, the automatic can sealing machine starts to heat the parts. Its upper and lower heating parts heat up quickly. It can adjust the temperature control system to the required temperature. Then the embossing wheel of the automatic can sealing machine rotates.

The details in the seal area of the machine began to cool. Finally, the box containing the product is placed on the conveyor belt of the automatic can sealing machine. The sealed part of the bag is automatically fed into the sealing tape. The sealed cargo enters the heating zone. The heat of the heating block passes through the sealing tape. The machine imprint is automatically transferred to the closed part of the bag. The film is heated and softened by the can sealing machine. Then move to the cooling zone to appropriately lower the film surface temperature.

The machine began to roll. The upper and lower plastic films of the sealing part of the automatic can sealing machine are glued together. Press down on the lid with the logo. Then, the box passes through the conveyor belt. Complete the sealing operation. This is the working process of the can sealing machine.

How to use the automatic can sealing machine?

The automatic sealing machine has good moisture-proof, mildew-proof and anti-counterfeiting effects. The function of the sealing device is to extend the shelf life of items. The sealing speed of the automatic tin sealing machine is fast and suitable for mass production. The all-stainless steel molded case is beautiful and generous. It is easy to use and has good sealing quality. The automatic can sealing machine can work continuously, reducing production time.

Then we should pay attention to some things when using the automatic can sealing machine. The first thing we need to do is to turn off the power. Please confirm the winding direction of the film in counterclockwise order. And pay attention to whether the top and bottom of the sealing machine are aligned. If it cannot be connected tightly, please reinsert and realign it.

This is a semi-automatic automatic tin can sealing machine. Now all upgraded to fully automatic fuel tank sealing. Automated machines can save a series of troubles. Please put it in a plastic cup. The canning machine automatically aligns after turning on the power. The device will automatically push the packaging box into the ready position. This series of operations saves labor, reduces unnecessary time, and reduces costs.

Then will automatically eject the plastic cup. It can automatically seal the entire process in this way. Effortless and convenient.

Application of can sealing machine

With the development of the economy, the application of automatic can seal machines. The pace of people’s life is accelerating. Traditional industries can no longer meet our needs. Speed is required in all aspects, such as fast production speed and less time-consuming production. Therefore, as far as can sealing technology is concerned, the field of automation is developing rapidly. A fully automatic can sealing machine appeared.

The automatic can sealing machine is suitable for packaging aluminum foil bags and plastic bags in coffee capsules, medicine, food, and other industries. The sealing machine is redesigned and manufactured based on advanced models at home and abroad. The automatic can seal machine can also be used for filling and sealing instant noodles, soy flour, jelly, ice cream, etc. This is an automatic sealing device designed for coffee capsules. Its unique design and superior performance. Place the lid accurately, beautifully, neatly, and practically. This is a suitable device for sealing coffee capsules.

Precautions during operation and daily maintenance.

Even a fully automatic can sealing machine. There are many things to pay attention to.

The automatic can sealing machine should use a 220V single-phase three-wire power supply. The grounding must be accurate, as this will affect personal safety.
The metal parts of the sealing machine should not be close to the sensor head.
We must always check the cooling water level. If you use it frequently, check it once a week. And add cooling water. It is best to use non-conductive cooling water.
The sealing machine should frequently check the pipeline, and there should be no water leakage or water seepage at the joints. This can prevent the channel from freezing due to low temperature. We also need to fill the water tank of the sealing machine with antifreeze.

Even if the machine is fully automatic, we must clean the surface of the equipment regularly. Automatic can sealing machine will ensure that the machine’s exterior and interior are clean because dust in the air will also affect its use. Sealing machine cleaning process: First, plug the drain hole with a cotton ball, then pour boiling water until it boils. Let the toothed blade soak for a few minutes until it is clean. You can complete the cleaning by repeating the above operation several times.

The difference between different sealing machines

Now there are many types of sealing machines. Next, we will introduce several sealing machines for you. Help you make better choices.

Usually, use flexible tank sealing in devices for bulk materials such as paper and plastic film. Different materials have different sealing devices.

  • Paper bag sealing device. For paper materials, apply adhesive to the seal first, and then apply mechanical pressure to the seal.
  • Plastic film bag sealing device. Plastic has good heat sealability: Plastic bags or composite bags made of this type of plastic.  Let it fuse and seal.
  • Cup type container sealing device. Such as coffee cups. Heat the rim of the cup and the film and glue to seal the container.
  • Rigid container sealing machines are generally used for boxes whose shapes are not easy to change. It has many types, and the commonly used sealing machines are as follows.
  • They are capping and sealing machine. This sealing technique use on medicine bottles.
  • Knurling sealing machine. This kind of cover is made chiefly of aluminium. The sealing machine will use it in the sealing and packaging of high-end alcohol and beverages.
  • Emming a sealing machine. Use to seal the packaging of canned bottles.

An automatic tin can sealing machine is used to fill plastic cups and plastic boxes.
Such as filling and sealing coffee, juice, beverage, fast food, and other materials. Suitable for filling liquids and slurries with different viscosities. The fully automatic can sealing machine is ideal for packing containers. Therefore, the user can enclose the coffee machine in the coffee capsule. A mechanical can sealing machine is a perfect choice.

can seal machine
can seal machine

Summary of automatic can sealing machine:

In daily life, we cannot do without the support of mechanical equipment. Packaging is an essential item in the product. Therefore, as a necessary part of the automatic tin can sealing machine, it has made a significant contribution to the packaging of goods. afpkg has been researching automatic sealing machine technology for more than ten years. It can produce various types of sealing machines. The sealing machine of afpkg often appears in the food and beverage industry, especially the sealing of canned coffee capsules. The use of a sealing machine can effectively ensure the quality and safety of the product. At the same time, the appearance of the product can be more beautiful. It can also help promote product sales, which is essential in the coffee capsule packaging industry.

AFPKG’s automatic can sealing machine is constantly developing and innovating. It promotes the development of the sealing machine industry. Afpkg continuously improves its automatic sealing machine technology to enhance its innovation capabilities and increase production efficiency. Many manufacturing companies now lack the technology in production equipment. Therefore, the products they produce are of poor quality and poor stability, resulting in low production efficiency. The products made cannot meet customers’ production needs and cannot adapt to the market’s development. Therefore, to break this status quo, AFPKG, as a leading manufacturer of fully automatic tin can sealing machines, has actively taken measures and innovated. It further accelerates the development of the sealing machine industry.

We can see that in the past three years, the automatic sealing machine has developed very well. We must combine learning, innovation, and technology in three areas. The efficiency of the sealing device is gradually increasing. We have related supporting facilities to speed up the production efficiency of the fully automatic tin can sealing machine.

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