Top 10 Coffee Pod Packaging Machine Manufacturers

Coffee is a very popular drink that originally originated in Western countries. After experiencing the continuous development of world culture and continuous exchanges, coffee culture has been widely spread. It can completely extend the shelf life of coffee, and it is also the advertising role for the product. After packaging, a packaging machine is needed to fill and seal the food. The coffee packaging machine is a work process that can divide the ground coffee powder and the complete coffee packaging machine into: feeding, metering, unloading, sealing, output and other processes.

coffee capsule filling sealing machine

There are currently six types of coffee packaging machines produced by manufacturers: coffee capsule filling machine, coffee pod filling machine, K cup packaging machine, coffee bag packaging machine, coffee box packaging machine, and coffee filling and sealing machine. Due to the continuous innovation and competition spirit among manufacturers, there are more and more coffee packaging machine manufacturers in the market now, so how to choose alternative, cost-effective coffee packaging machines? Here, we have compiled the top ten coffee pod packaging machine suppliers to help you find the ideal coffee pod packaging machine.

Romiter Group

Romiter Group is a leading designer and manufacturer of the coffee packaging machine industry. Romiter’s coffee pod packaging machine is highly efficient, reliable, easy to maintain, and long-term use. The use of reliable component brand names allows them to provide customers with the best coffee pod packaging machine at a competitive price.

From its establishment to the present, Romiter Group has won many customers’ praise and trust with its thoughtful service, professional spirit, and experience. Over the years, they have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in coffee pod packaging machines. Various large and small companies in the Middle East, Europe, North America, and South America have cooperative relations to provide them with professional packaging equipment. The coffee pod packaging machine they produce has high pressure and good airtightness, convenient for coffee capsule packaging.

Main products:

  • Ice cream stick machine
  • Coffee capsule filling and sealing machine, mesh bag cutting machine
  • Chili Processing Machine
  • Nail making machine
  • Steel wire hanger making machine
  • Paint roller frame making machine “spoke and nipple machine”
  • Tea bag packaging machine

Audion Elektro

Audion Elektro was founded in 1947 and is headquartered in Amsterdam. Since the 1950s, focusing on manufacturing sealing machines, Audion’s coffee pod packaging machines have excellent quality. Audion has grown into a leader in the packaging industry in the past few decades, and its machines have been sold to more than 100 countries. Today, Audion’s dealer network is spread all over the world, with representatives in 65 countries and regions around the world.

Audion’s service is their decisive advantage, and innovative solutions to various packaging problems are an essential factor that makes Audion stand out in the industry. Audion keeps up with market trends and product innovations, providing customers with the best coffee pod packaging machines in the industry and providing quality service and maintenance. Audion can offer solutions to customers in both the industrial market and retail markets.

Audion designs and develops its machines, and customers can choose a coffee pod packaging machine that meets their unique requirements. They produce a wide range of devices, and there are solutions for every packaging problem. In addition to making standard machines, they also provide customized models, including unique designs with smooth finishes and rounded corners. This can reduce not only waste but also improve the efficiency of goods processing and packaging.

Main products:

  • Desktop sealing machine
  • Medical/Pharmaceutical/High-Tech Packaging
  • Vacuum packaging
  • Automatic packaging
  • Shrink wrap
  • Rotary/belt sealing machine

Viking Masek

Viking Masek packaging technology company was established in 2000, initially providing packaging solutions for Leonhard. Now it has grown into a leader in innovative equipment for food and coffee pod packaging machines. The coffee pod packaging machines they manufacture are easy to use, including economic, high-speed continuous motion machines and multi-lane stick packaging machines. Their bagging devices can be connected to weighing machines, filling machines, feeding and discharging equipment, and other automatic packaging equipment. Besides coffee pod packaging machines, Viking Masek’s machine range also provides packaging machines from tote bags and cheese to meat and fresh vegetables.

Viking Masek even provides medicines and dietary supplements, and more packaging solutions. The packaging solutions offered by Viking Masek can cover almost all industries. Whether your product is powder, meat, beverage, or industrial supplies, Viking Masek has a machine to meet your needs. Viking Masek can add packing machines and filling machines according to the customer’s product specifications to provide overall product packaging solutions.

Main products:

  • Packing Machine
  • Stock machine
  • Prefabricated bag
  • Vertical form filling sealed stick packaging
  • Bag style
  • Carton
  • Used Equipment


Ohlson Packaging Company started in 1967 and has long been known for its durability and long-running time, which is the key to coffee pod packaging machines’ success. Ohlson’s engineers, mechanics, welders, and service technicians are very skilled in the production line of coffee pod packaging machines and are very professional. Dun & Bradstreet has given them the highest score, which shows that Ohlson’s product quality is trustworthy. In addition, Frito Lay, Hershey’s, Kraft Foods, Tyson Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, and other large enterprises and some start-ups have found that Ohlson’s system is durable and the quality exceeds the standard. In most cases, the return on investment of the Ohlson packaging system is less than a year (or even a few months).

Each of Ohlson’s solutions is custom-designed and strives to meet the needs of each customer. They have an ROI calculator template to help customers make coffee pod packaging machines a valuable long-term investment. Ohlson’s devices have passed the CE certification and thoroughly follow the first-class manufacturing process. Regardless of the company’s size or the type of product, Ohlson allows the machine to run longer if the weight is not less than the guaranteed quantity.

Main products:

  • Filling
  • Auger powder filling weighing solid filling pocket deposit
  • package
  • Vertical form, filled and sealed horizontal form, filled and sealed pre-made bag packaging
  • Flow packaging
  • Boxing
  • Container filling solution


AFPAK is a leading coffee pod packaging machine manufacturer in China, and reliable quality and honest price are the philosophy of AFPAK. Since 2009, AFPAK has helped more than 300 customers successfully realize the coffee pod packaging business. AFPAK specializes in the production and innovation of equipment for packaging coffee, soluble powder, tea, and milk powder into capsules, sachets, and cans. AFPAK pays attention to the latest technology and applies it to every product it produces. It is highly praised by customers for its good performance, durability, and user-friendliness.

coffee pod packaging machine

The coffee pod packaging machine’s cost varies with the size of the machine, the function of the device, and the complexity of the packaging process design. However, whether it is a coffee box packaging machine, a coffee bag filling machine, or a coffee capsule filling machine, AFPKG can provide customers with affordable prices. AFPAK strives to make customers get rid of monotonous work, adopt more environmentally friendly packaging products, and reduce production and packaging-related costs. Since 2010, AFPAK has been committed to developing coffee pod packaging machine solutions for customers. Providing customers with stable and durable coffee machines is the top priority of AFPAK. Experience and excellent customer service distinguish AFPAK from competitors.

AFPKG has developed into a leading coffee packaging machine manufacturer and distributor in China. AFPAK has an experienced R&D team, machine technology keeps pace with the times, and customers can always find suitable solutions. Whether you are a big coffee packaging company or a small coffee shop owner, AFPAK can provide you with a complete solution.

Main products:

  • Nespresso coffee capsule filling and sealing machine
  • Dolce gusto capsule filling and sealing machine
  • Filling, sealing and packaging machine
  • Nespresso Capsules


PTI Packaging is headquartered in Hawthorne, New York, near New York City, in a community in Westchester County. It is a professional team composed of engineers and scientists dedicated to providing services for the food and coffee packaging industries. PTI is one of the world’s leading coffee pod packaging system suppliers and an American high-performance packaging machinery agent.

PTI’s team has been committed to the research of coffee pod packaging machines. The machines they produce have high precision and reliability, which simplifies the verification process in the medical equipment, food, and container industries. PTI also provides an inspection system for the integrity of the coffee pod packaging machine seal and the container seal’s integrity. This technique excludes subjectivity from the test and uses a test method that conforms to ASTM standards. PTI’s inspection system is deterministic and has quantitative test result data. PTI specializes in providing complete solutions for coffee pod packaging machines, including test methods and equipment verification.

Main products:

  • Complete automation system with semi-automatic options
  • United Packaging Solution Pillow Bag Vertical Filling Sealed Bottle Filling Machine
  • Prefabricated bags and handbags
  • Cup and tray packaging machine
  • Clamshell container filling

Paxiom Group

Paxiom Group provides industry-leading coffee pod packaging machines and is one of the leading manufacturers. The WeighPack system they developed meets all production needs and coffee packaging machine solutions. In the past 25 years, the Paxiom team has provided more than 5,000 coffee pod packaging machine solutions worldwide to meet the various needs of customers. At the same time, we strive to establish long-term cooperative relations with more customers.

coffee pod packaging machine

WeighPack has always been different as a single-source provider, which means building their filling machines, bagging machines, and conveyors. Putting customer service first is their service goal to ensure that the packaging automation needs are met. Paxiom offers various coffee pod packaging machines, which are easy to use and compact, specially designed for capsules and containers to fill coffee powder and whole coffee beans. The packaging includes a prefabricated pouch, and the solution refers to whole coffee beans in a zipper pouch, a vertical filled and sealed container for packaging coffee ground powder; and the coffee powder is poured into a rigid container.

Since its establishment in 1991, WeighPack Systems Inc. has steadily provided coffee pod packaging machines to more than 30 countries and regions and has equipped customers with high-quality coffee pod packaging machines at the most reasonable price and the most advanced technology in a long time. Paxiom also provides automatic coffee pod packaging machines for dispensing, retail and wholesale to the world. Packaging machine technology includes weighing filling, spiral filling, vertical filling and sealing, and horizontal filling and sealing. The screw filling machine with servo drive adopts stainless steel structure, and the tools are easy to disassemble, thus simplifying the cleaning and maintenance work.

Main products:

  • Vertical filling and sealing solution
  • Coil bag packaging solution
  • STICKPACK and sachet packaging solutions pre-made bag packaging solutions
  • Tray sealing machine
  • Packaging materials-consumables
  • Sealing machine and more information about sealing bags how to pack medical devices


Actionpac has more than 40 years of experience, providing the best coffee and tea packaging machines, as well as high-quality net weighing and filling equipment. Actionpac’s weighing and filling equipment is very accurate and easy to use and can be tailored to the actual situation of the coffee pod packaging. They use a fully automatic high-speed system and Bagger machinery and equipment, and the machine is durable. They provide vertical filling and sealing machines for packaging tea and weigh and fill kits for packaging coffee pods. Can pack whole beans and ground coffee, provide single-serve packaging (including k-cup coffee machine), stick packaging for instant coffee and tea equipment, etc. Actionpac has a well-equipped production line and auxiliary equipment. The system is easy to operate, high in quality, and low in maintenance costs, reducing the cost of customers’ products. Actionpac provides a series of “additional” accessories for the coffee and tea industry. Customers can purchase various funnels, sealing machines, elevators, etc., according to their needs.

Whether you want to pack fracturing packaging, square packaging, or stick packaging, Actionpac can provide you with a bagging machine. Actionpac provides machines for packaging coffee, tea, and other powdered products, which can effectively package and sell each product. These packaging and dispensing machines are not only highly efficient, but they are also very effective in increasing production rates. No matter what your needs are, Actionpac has solutions to ensure that your needs are met. There are many vertical filling and sealing machines in the coffee packaging industry. You need to pay attention to labor costs and time efficiency when choosing. At Actionpac Packaging Machinery, you can buy durable coffee pod packaging machines, and you can compare the quality of products of your peers.

Main products:

  • Ampoules and syringes tablets and capsules
  • Tyvek and porous packaging flexible packaging
  • Special applications for bottles and containers (plastics)
  • Data integrity
  • Bulk weighing/filling machine
  • Meal and product package packaging system


Founded in 1988, Matrix is the leading manufacturer of filling and sealing machines in North America. Matrix has established long-term customers worldwide and can package coffee and tea products under various conditions. Matrix is identified as a high-quality supplier of flexible packaging equipment and is the leading distributor of FLtècnics, INVpack, and Toyo Jidoki. Matrix provides sturdy, low-cost, easy-to-use coffee pod packaging machines and is widely acclaimed for its excellent service. Regardless of whether the coffee or tea machine is installed, customers do not have to worry about operation difficulty. Matrix machinery has decades of experience in vertical forming, filling, and sealing applications. With the help of customer manuals and instructions, you can efficiently operate the machine.

coffee pod packaging machine

When you buy a coffee pod packaging machine from Matrix, you will see the return rate on your investment. Using Matrix machines will make your investment very worthwhile. You don’t need to go through long machine training, because Matrix’s engine has been specially designed to maximize performance, you will be delighted with Matrix’s packaging system. Gone are the days of sacrificing quality in exchange for quantity. At Matrix, you can get the most suitable coffee pod packaging machine equipment at a reasonable price. Each function of the coffee pod packaging equipment is designed to provide a service that can ensure that customers receive a durable system.

Matrix also provides Elite shopping bags for customers who pack coffee or tea. For example, the Morpheus series, which integrates the packaging’s reliability into the core design, is easy to operate and maintain. It can cut conversion time in half and increase the value of your product. The coffee pod packaging system has excellent flexibility and can handle a variety of films, and the movies used in sustainability programs can also be composted or recycled. The Bag-in-Bag bagging machine produces smaller bags and then puts them into the main pack. The system’s features include Allen Bradley’s 10.5-inch color touch screen and high cycle speed.

Main products:

  • Prefabricated bag filling and sealing
  • Vertical form filling and sealing
  • Sachet packaging
  • Vacuum packaging


Honorpack is a Korean packaging company with 28 years of experience in the packaging machinery industry and is known for its high-performance and reliable, flexible packaging machines. The automatic coffee pod packaging machine produced by Honorpac can be used in food and non-food fields. The Honorpack device, which is suitable for various bags, has stable quality and can fill and seal powder, liquid, granules, and other products. It is a contractor of government projects.

Honorpack’s business model is factory direct sales, with 28 years of experience in packaging machines, and its products are exported to 50 countries. With IOS and CE certificate certification, we provide local after-sales service and customized bag solutions. A high-performance coffee pod packaging machine solution can be obtained at a reasonable price. HonorPack has been focusing on the research and development of fully automatic coffee pod packaging for 20 years, and its machines and solutions have been recognized and favored by the market. Their mission is to “reduce the total cost of coffee pod packaging machines,” not only to provide customers with customized coffee pod packaging systems but also to upgrade customers’ existing machines to intelligent and automatic machines.

Main products:

  • Onion Processing Machine
  • Garlic Processing Machine
  • Banana Processing Machine
  • Fruit and vegetable processing machine
  • Packaging machine e-commerce


Packaging is the main business of the IMA Group, producing machines for soft and hard coffee pods. Due to the brutal power of its mechanical expertise and technical capabilities, it has become the undisputed leader in this field. IMA also produces and designs complete equipment for green coffee processing and has a long tradition designing and manufacturing production lines and secondary packaging machines. , With coffee, medicines, dairy products and food, and beverages, personal care as the primary market. Its strapping, packaging machines and palletizers have a wide range of speeds and a variety of roasters that can meet all capacity requirements and high-quality grinders that can meet customer needs. Petroncini, designed by IMA, has a history of many years in the coffee industry, has a deep understanding of all aspects of the coffee industry, and has decades of experience.

coffee pod packaging machine

Relying on the engineering department’s extensive knowledge base, Petroncini regularly visits customers around the world to share machine solutions ranging from small-scale laboratory applications to large-scale industrial plant applications. The coffee pod filling machine is the core of its hub. A full set of equipment provides high-speed, medium-speed, and low-speed solutions to meet market needs. Combined with coffee pod packaging and filling equipment, IMA can manufacture customized special standard coffee pod packaging. They are easy to use and provide maximum protection for operators and products at every stage of production. The number of IMA machine size parts is kept to a minimum, and no tools are required. Another critical point is that the compact size reduces the machine’s footprint and provides more space to make the device more modern.

The vertical form-fill-seal machine solution designed by IMA can be applied to flexible packaging of various shapes and sizes. Extensive understanding of the market and providing customized solutions that can meet user needs are the keys to IMA’s success. The machine is very flexible, with full consideration of various details in the design, can handle many types of product packaging, and has a solid structure.

Main products:

  • Nespresso capsule filling and sealing machine
  • Dolce gusto filling and sealing machine
  • K cup filling and sealing machine
  • Lavazza filling and sealing machine


No matter which coffee pod packaging machine you choose, finding the supplier that best suits your company’s needs is always your primary goal. Good choices can help your business grow and stand out in a highly competitive market. Hope our list of top ten coffee pod packaging machine suppliers can help you find the right product for your company.

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